Dallas ADDYs: Gold
Book Design

As if the world weren’t dark enough, this evocative coffee table book explores the subject of darkness from every angle. I collaborated with copywriter-to-the-stars Anna Rose Corell to design this 240-page book from cover to cover. Through haunting images, dooming designs that demand deeper interpretations, and eerie accounts of darkness, our work will leave you grasping for the light.

"Absolutely revolting. I've never read anything so disturbing, dreadful, and distressing. I loved every minute."

Joker, Supervillain of Gotham City

There’s no other way to become acquainted with the unique and twisted tendencies of darkness's presence than to explore it from beginning to end, top to bottom, and inside out. The result: accepting that darkness manifests in every arena of life—a terrifying and shuddering reality.